Troubleshooting NetSuite CRM integration

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Q: How do I change the position of the InsideView widget in my NetSuite CRM?

 A: You can modify the position of the InsideView widget by editing each object containing InsideView. You’ll need to do this for all the objects in which you wish to modify the position of the InsideView widget.

How to video link:

Q: How can I limit access to InsideView based on user roles?

 A: In your NetSuite Setup, you’ll notice that there are four InsideView scripts one each for Contacts, Accounts, Leads, and Prospects.

If you go into each script and limit the access to only the roles that you want – then the InsideView widget only appears for users in that role. 

 For example, in the screenshot below – you will see name of the role as “MJUS Sales Person”.  Before we made this change - the role was not specified and thus applied to all roles.


Q: How do I enable SSO (Suite Sign on) and Web Services in my Netsuite CRM?

 A: To use our sync and export features, NetSuite CRM users need to enable Suite Sign On and Suite Talk options in Setup.  

To enable Suite Sign On and Suite Talk options in NetSuite, please follow the steps below:

  1.  On the top of any NetSuite page, point to the Setup, click Company, and then select Enable Features.
  2. On the Enable Features page, click the SuiteCloud sub-tab.
  3. Under the Single Sign-on section, check the SuiteSignOn box.
  4. Under the SuiteTalk (Web Services) section, check the Web Services box.
  5. Click Save.

Q: Which objects/record types have the Sync option?

 A: You can use Sync options in the following NetSuite objects: Customers, Leads, Contacts and Opportunities.


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