Configuring Demandbase User Access in SAP C/4 HANA Cloud

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This article provides you the instructions to configure SAP C/4 HANA Cloud to grant access to a user.

By default, the Sales Intelligence solution can be accessed by users but they have to log in with their username and password unless STS is enabled in your SAP C/4 HANA Cloud. This article assumes STS is not enabled in your CRM and outlines the nuts-and-bolts of the user login process. 

Authenticating SAML Configuration in SAP C/4 HANA Cloud

Authenticate the SAML settings to make sure Sales Intelligence can communicate with your SAP instance. These steps are applicable when you log in after your administrator successfully configured a SAML connection for your instance.

Step Description Details
 1 Sign in to SAP Sales Cloud Once STS details are configured, log in to your SAP C/4 HANA Cloud instance and open an Account to authenticate SAML settings.

Click Authenticate.

 2 Enter SAP Sales Cloud SSO credentials You will be prompted to enter the SAP SSOCircle username and password. Enter valid user credentials to authenticate your SAML settings, click Log In as illustrated below:

 3 Enable Sync/Update CRM feature In order to allow SAP C/4 HANA Cloud to update the account and contact data from Demandbase, click the Here link as illustrated below:

Note: If you dismiss the STS Login page by clicking the X button the first time or click Dismiss on the screen above, you cannot use the Update CRM feature because you need to set up STS details first to sync the data from Demandbase into your SAP C/4 HANA Cloud. If your administrator has already set up the STS client details for your account, then the screen above is not displayed and you can use the Update CRM functionality.

 4 Enter STS credentials Enter the CRM User ID, Client ID, and Client Secret that your SAP C/4 HANA Cloud administrator has provided. For more information, read the article "How to Retrieve Client ID and Client Secret from SAP C/4 HANA" in our Knowledge Base.

Click Submit.

 5 Update CRM Once you log in using your STS credentials, click Update CRM.
 5 Accept Field Mappings

To sync the account data from Demandbase, accept the default field mappings, and click Update Account.

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