Manage Data Integrity Account Settings

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Follow these steps to manage your Data Integrity account settings. 

Step Description Details
1 Go to Data Integrity Settings Log in to Data Integrity. From the left navigation bar, click Data Integrity > Settings.


2 Manage Exclusion Rules

Exclusion rules allow you to specify which records you want to exclude from all data management processes.

To add a new exclusion rule, click Add a New Exclusion Rule.


Enter an Exclusion Rule Name. 

Choose the System you want to create this exclusion rule for. By default, the Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics instance you're currently logged in is selected.

Choose the Record Type. 

Choose the Exclusion Type. An exclusion rule can be created in two ways:

Click Save


To Refresh, Edit, or Delete an exclusion rule, hover over the rule and click on the desired action.

3 Manage Users

Data Integrity admins can enable Data Integrity for other Demandbase users.

To manage users, click Manage Users.

Click on the user you want to grant Data Integrity Access to and click Edit.


Go to Product Details and click the + icon. Select Data Integrity and click Save.

Choose Admin access or standard User access and click Save. 

  • The Admin role allows the user to create and edit Data Integrity processes and allocate Data Integrity licenses to other users.DI6.png
4 Manage Integrations, Field Mapping, and CRM workflows To manage integrations, field mappings, and CRM workflows, click Manage integrations, field mapping, and CRM workflows. See Data Integrity Fields and Datatype Mappings.

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