Creating a Market Segment from a List

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InsideView Apex allows you to create a market segment based on the characteristics of one of your lists. Here’s how:

Step Description Details
 1 Log in to InsideView Apex Log in to InsideView Admin Portal with user credentials.
 2 Go to the List page To visualize, click Apex and select the Account Based Lists link.

 3 Go to the list Select the list that you want to view by clicking the Name link. For example, click the US Companies 150 link.

 4 Create a market segment  To create a target segment, click Create a Market Segment as illustrated:

In the Create a Market Segment dialog, you will see the criteria that comprise the characteristics of your list. Select any of the following criteria that you want to use to create a new market segment:


  • Market Segment Name – Enter the name for your market segment.
  • Company Location – select or deselect the check boxes for location options that are pulled from your existing list.
  • Employee Count – Click the Chevron chevron.png icon to expand the Employee Count filter and enter the number of employees in the minimum and maximum field.


  • Revenue – Click the Chevron chevron.png icon to expand the Revenue filter and enter the range in the minimum and maximum field.edit_rev_list.png

  • Industry – Click the Chevron chevron.png icon to expand the Industry filter and select the industries that you want to target.create_segment4.png

    Note: You can turn on turn_on.png  or off turn_off.png any of the filters by sliding the roller turn_on.png  icon. If you turn a filter off, InsideView will not use that category to build your new market segment.

 5 complete a market segment Click Create. A new market segment is created.    

Be default, the list from which you create a market segment is associated in the Addressable Market region. 

You can now edit or visualize the market segment that you just created.

For more information, read the articles Editing an Existing Market Segment and Visualizing a Market Segment’s Whitespace in Knowledge Base

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