Internationalization Support

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InsideView APIs support international data and some levels of internationalization.  By default, InsideView APIs operate in the en-en locale, meaning that content is in English and company revenues are expressed in dollars.

Developers have the ability to ask API responses to match a specific locale through the HTTP Accept-Language.  Please find below the list of supported locales.

Locale Language Currency
en-us English USD
en-gb English GBP
en-ie English EUR
de-de German EUR
fr-fr French EUR
nl-nl Dutch EUR
es-es Spanish EUR

 The following endpoints support Internationalization:

For each of these APIs, the response provides:

  • localized content for the fields industry and subIndustry
  • revenues field with the amount converted to the currency matching the locale
  • a new revenueCurrency field containing the currency matching the locale

For the bulk API supporting Internationalization, the Accept-Language HTTP header should be set for the "Job" submission endpoint.

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