Managing Watchlists

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Important: This article is no longer being maintained or updated. For the latest information about this product or feature, see the following article.

Create and Manage Watchlists


Watchlists enable you to follow people or companies for relevant business opportunities. This article provides detailed instructions for the following:

Create a Static Watchlist

  1. Log in to Demandbase Sales Intelligence. At the top right, click the drop down next to your profile > Manage Watchlists. 

  2. Click New.
  3. If you're accessing Sales Intelligence using the Salesforce iframe and haven’t created an Automated CRM Watchlist, click Static Watchlist. To create an Automated CRM Watchlist, see Create an Automated Watchlist and Distribute Watchlist.


  4. Enter a Watchlist name, alert frequency, alert type, and email format. Click Save.

Add Individual Companies to a Watchlist

  1. Go to a company record and click Follow. You can add the company to multiple Watchlists.

Add Multiple Companies to a Watchlist

  1. Go to Manage Watchlists. 
  2. Click the desired Watchlist
  3. Click Add Companies.
  4. To search a specific geographical location, click Search for companies in and select a location.
  5. Enter company names into the Enter up to 200 companies on separate lines box. Separate companies by entering as a new line. Click Search
  6. Check the companies you want to add and click Add to Watchlist

Add People to a Watchlist

  1. Go to a person record and click the eyeball icon. You can add the person to multiple Watchlists.

Export a Watchlist

  1. Go to Manage Watchlists. 
  2. Select the Watchlist you want to export. 
  3. Click Export and choose Company or People. 
  4. Company or People data is exported to a CSV file.  

Delete a Watchlist

Important: You cannot delete Frequently Viewed or Automated Watchlists.

  1. Go to Manage Watchlists. 
  2. Find the Watchlist you want to delete. 
  3. Hover on the right side of the page and click the Trash icon.

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