How Email Validation Works in InsideView Refresh

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InsideView Refresh lets your run Email Validation only two times per a contract year. The email validation process results in changes only when the email address is changed. It is possible to purchase additional validations - please contact your CSM, or salesperson.

Every email address in the InsideView Refresh database has any of the following validation status:


Email Validation Checks

InsideView performs the following email validation checks to measure the authenticity of an email address:

  • Email Address syntax check : InsideView removes improperly formatted email addresses as per Internet Engineering Task Force (IEFT) standards.
  • Domain/MX record check : InsideView checks whether the email address entered is valid or fake. If a domain is found to be invalid or an MX record entry is missing, InsideView marks the corresponding email address as invalid.
  • Role-based account detection: this check sends email to role-based accounts such as postmaster@, info@, sales@, admin@, and so on. In this ways, InsideView detects and flags such email addresses as invalid if needed.
  • Disposable Email Address (DEA) detection: In this check, InsideView detects throwaway/disposal or junk collector email addresses that needs to be processed. These email addresses are used in SignUp forms or to bypass Login forms which require a valid email address.
  • Honeypot/ Spam trap detection: detects spam seeds, BOTs, honeypots, blacklist, or bogus email addresses by validating email addresses against the known list of email addresses/domains.
  • Domain Name System Blacklists (DNSBLs) and URI DNSBLs check:  InsideView will block messages from specific systems that have a history of sending spam and include those email address for blacklisting.  A real-time black hole list (RBL) identifies list of IP addresses often used for spamming. A URI DNSBL lists domain names which are found in the body of spam email messages. 
  • Final verification check: InsideView performs deep-level extended SMTP verification on each address. In this check, the email addresses are pinged to verify the existence of email domain without sending an actual email to the inbox.

How to Start Email Validation Process

To start the email validation process, follow these steps:

Step Description Details
1 Go to the Email Validation page Log in to InsideView Refresh website and click the Email Validation link.


2 Start email validation process If you are running the email validation for the first time, the following screen appears. Click Start.


3 Confirm email validation On the Email Validation dialog, review the number of contacts whose business email address will be validated and click Start Email Validation.


Note: InsideView Refresh allows you to run 2 complete email validation processes per contact year. All contacts within your managed account will consume 1 credit when you run an email validation process out of 2.  

4 Review email validations Once all business email addresses of contacts are validated, the Email Validation Results screen appears.


Click the different colour codes in the top bar to review the following email validation statuses:

Note: You can push the validated emails and employment statuses to the CRM.


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