Creating Batch and Trigger-Based Campaigns to Enrich Existing Leads in Marketo Integration

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This article explains how you can do a bulk enrichment of existing leads using a batch and trigger campaigns in Marketo.

InsideView Enrich uses a Webhook to update leads in bulk in Marketo. In order to enrich a set of existing leads using a webhook,  create two campaigns; one batch campaign to search leads from a list that you wish to enrich with InsideView's data; and one smart campaign that triggers the list of people that you want to enrich with their email address.

Note: Webhooks can only be used to trigger smart campaigns and NOT in batch campaigns.

You need to create and run two campaigns in this order to enrich existing leads:

Create a Batch Campaign for Enriching Existing Leads

Create a batch campaign to call the trigger-based campaign to enrich all leads that are identified.

Step Description Details
1 Go to the Marketing Activities page Once you create a trigger-based campaign, click the Marketing Activities page.


2 Select the campaign folder IV_Enrich13.png
3 Select the new campaign Click New, and select the New Smart Campaign folder.


4 Create a Batch campaign Select the campaign folder that you just created and enter a campaign name as Batch Leads to be Enriched in the Name box, and click Create.


Create a Smart List and Flow Step

Create a smart list and flow steps within the smart campaign to send existing leads to InsideView Enrich for enrichment. You can customize your smart list to enrich leads only with a valid email address. 

Step Description Details
1 Select the Smart List On the left-hand side of the Marketing Activities screen, click the Batch Leads to be Enriched campaign to open it and select the Smart List tab.


2 Drag the email address trigger On the Smart List, drag and drop the Email Address trigger from Lead Attributes as illustrated:


3 Customize the smart list To enrich the leads with valid email addresses, click Email Adress and select the filter as follows:

On the Add Constraint pop-up, select Email Address item and choose is from the drop-down menu and enter multiple email addresses that you wish to enrich as illustrated:


This filter will enrich only those leads whose email addresses have a proper company domain and will not enrich leads with generic email addresses as listed above.  

Note: Marketo allows you to add multiple emails with different valid companies domains.


The filter using the lead attribute with multiple email addresses is created as illustrated:


4 Drag the Add to List flow Next, click the Flow tab.

Drag Add to List flow from the list on the right-hand side of the screen.


5 Select the static list Click the Add to List drop-down and select the Batch List that you want to enrich with data from InsideView Enrich as illustrated:


6 Schedule the Smart Campaign Select the Schedule tab to see the number of email addresses that will be enriched as illustrated:


7 Run the Campaign Click the Run Once icon and select the Run Now item and click Run.


Create a Trigger-Based Smart Campaign 

Create a trigger-based campaign to invoke the InsideView Enrich webhook based on specific search criteria to find existing leads with a  Smart List and InsideView Webhook in Flow.

For more information to set up InsideView Enrich and Webhook for Marketo, read the article Setting Up InsideView Enrich in Marketo in our Knowledge Base.

Step Description Details
1 Log in to Marketo Log in to Marketo Marketing automation application with admin user credentials.
2 Go to the Marketing Activities page On the left-hand side pane, select the Marketing Activities item to open the marketing activities page.


Select the new campaign folder Click New, and from the list of options that appear, click New Campaign Folder.


4 Enter the new campaign folder details On the New Campaign Folder pop-up, in the Name field, enter a name for the folder as Existing Leads to be Enriched and click Create. The folder opens in a new tab. IV_Enrich2.png
5 Select the new campaign Click New, and select the New Smart Campaign item.


6 Create a Trigger-based campaign Select the campaign folder that you just created and enter a campaign name as Trigger Batch Leads to be Enrich in the Name box, and click CreateIV_Enrich14.png
7 Go the Smart List tab Click the Smart List tab.IV_Enrich15_small.png
8 Add the trigger On the Smart List tab, drag and drop the Added to List trigger.


In the Added to List trigger, select List Name as is and select the desired list. For example, select 20list

9 Drag the call webhook Next, click the Flow tab.

Drag and drop Call Webhook from the list on the right-hand side of the screen.

10 Select the Webhook Click the Webhooks drop-down and select the webhook that you created for InsideView Enrich.

Activate the Campaign

Once you complete the previous steps, activate the campaign. InsideView Enrich automatically enriches all the leads that are created in your Marketo account from now. 

Note: However, you must activate the trigger-based campaign to enrich all existing leads using the batch campaign by following instructions in the next section.

Step Description Details
1 Go to the Schedule tab Once you set up the Smart List and the Flow step, click the Schedule tab.
2 Activate Click Activate.


3 Confirm the activation On the Activate Triggered Campaign pop-up, click Activate to confirm the activation.IV_Enrich18.png


Once the campaigns are executed successfully, the following results are completed:
  • The batch campaign adds selected leads with valid email addresses to the static list.
  • The triggered campaign is initiated when selected leads are added to the static list, and the InsideView webhook is invoked and all select set of leads are enriched as illustrated:IV_Enrich20.png

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