Installing Demandbase for SFDC Group Edition

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Note: These instructions are for the Group edition of only. Note that you will not be able to sync/export Demandbase information to Salesforce, create distributed watchlists, and create automated watchlists in this edition.


This article helps you install Demandbase for the Group edition of Salesforce.
The Demandbase for SFDC Group Edition package provides the following features to the users:

  • Get information on companies and executives within your Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities objects
  • Research target accounts
  • Qualify leads and find connections to key executives at your target company within the Demandbase widget. 
  • Monitor target companies by creating Watchlists and get regular notification emails about companies you are tracking. (Distributed Watchlists feature is not available for this edition)
  • Create your own territories and build a list of prospects within Demandbase.

Installation Instructions

The installation process involves two steps:

  1. Install the Demandbase package
  2. Add the Demandbase app in objects.

Install the Demandbase Package

  1. Click the following URL to access the Demandbase for SFDC Group Edition package: Demandbase for Salesforce Group Edition
  2. Log in to
  3. Review the package installation details and click Continue.sfdc_group_edition.png
  4. Click Install. Once the installation is complete, the following screen appears:sfdc_group_edition1.png
  5. In the Installed Package page, click the InsideView for Group Edition link to view package details.sfdc_group_edition2.png
  6. Click View Components to review the Sales Intelligence components that are installed.sfdc_group_edition3.png
  7. Review Sales Intelligence components and click Close.sfdc_group_edition4.png
  8. Once the package is installed, you can add the Demandbase app in Accounts, Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities objects.
  9. For new and existing users who are upgrading their Demandbase package, the following instructions describe how to add the Demandbase app in the Account object:
    • In the navigation menu, go to Build > Customize > Accounts > Page Layouts.build_nav.png
    • Click Accounts to add Demandbase in Accounts and select Page Layout.
    • Under Account Layout, click Section and drag and drop it under Account Detail.
    • On the Section Properties dialog box, do the following:
      • In the Section Name box, type Demandbase.
      • Under Layout select 1-Column.
      • Click OK.

    • Select Visualforce Pages under Account Layout, click on InsideView Account Connector, drag and drop it in the Demandbase section you created.
    • On the Account Connector click Properties.
    • On the Visualforce Page Properties, change Height (in pixels) to 400 and click OK.
    • Click Save to save the updated page layout.
  10. Repeat these instructions to add Demandbase to Leads, Opportunities, and Contacts objects.

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