How to Add a New CRM Instance to Your InsideView Account

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When an existing user attempts to access the InsideView widget from a new CRM instance, InsideView prevents access to the widget, in order to avoid a security violation. The user receives the following error message:

You cannot use InsideView via this CRM! Please contact your Admin for access.

To grant access to the InsideView Mashup, your account administrator must map the new CRM instance to your InsideView account.

Note: When a new CRM instance is mapped to your InsideView account, then all other users in that CRM can access the InsideView widget automatically.

Step Description Details
1 The user submits a request. To submit an access request, a user must click Send Request as illustrated below:


The account administrator(s) review an access request email notification.

Once a user submits a request, an email notification is sent to the respective account administrators as illustrated below:


3 An account administrator approves or rejects the request.

When you click Approve, the following message appears:


When you click Reject, the following message appears:


The user receives an email confirmation.


Once the administrator approves the request, an email notification is sent to the user with the status of the request as illustrated below:

If the account administrator rejects the request, the following email notification is sent to the user as shown below:


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