2011 On-Prem: Setting Up a Proxy User in Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Legacy)

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Using a proxy will allow you to bypass the Sync form so that your users will not need to specify their credentials every time they access the system. For steps to configure a proxy user in CRM 2013/15, refer to the article 2013/15 On-Prem: Setting Up Proxy User in Your MS Dynamics CRM on our Knowledge Base. 

NOTE: We currently do not support Proxy user authentication for CRM 4.0 On premise environments.  InsideView does however support Proxy User Authentication for CRM 2011 On Premise environments. as

Please ensure the following while setting up the Proxy User:

  • Make sure this user is assigned a “Proxy” role
  • Make sure this user is part of the PrivUser group (private user group)

NOTE: InsideView currently doesn’t have support for a Proxy user for CRM 4.0 On-Prem Environments so the above Proxy settings may or may not work. Even if the Proxy user doesn’t work, you can still save the Domain and the URL part of the form, and the user would then have to type in the CRM Username and Password in the Sync flow.

The following are the steps to configure the Proxy user created within InsideView to by-pass the Sync Authentication UI pop-up: 

Step Description Details
 1 By-pass the Sync Authentication UI pop-up Follow the steps below to by-pass the Sync Authentication UI pop-up:
  • Log into Microsoft CRM Dynamics as an Admin User
  • Load a sample record (Lead, Contact, Account):
 2 Go to My Profile Click Settings-My Profile

 3 Open Admin In the resulting pop-up, click Admin

[If you don't see this Admin link - please send a request to be set as an admin user to support@insideview.com]

 4 Go to CRM configuration Click CRM Configuration
 5 Select Deployment Type Select Deployment Type: Online, Partner Hosted, or On-Premise
 6 Enter the required details Enter Org Unique Name and Web Address
 7   Select Authentication Type Select Authentication Type: Proxy User. This option results in the best User Experience.
 8 Enter User Credentials Enter User Credentials for the designated Proxy User. 
 9 Save Click "Save"

You are done configuring the proxy user.


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