Adding Companies to a List

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InsideView Apex lets you add companies from your market segment to a new or existing account based list for improving chances for more business dealings. Here’s how:

Step Description Details
 1 Log in to InsideView Apex Log in to InsideView Admin Portal with user credentials.
 2 Select a Market Segment type Click Apex and select the Market Segments link and click on the market segment that you want to copy.

 3 Go to the Companies tab By default, the Overview tab is displayed for the Market Segment.

To view companies in your segment, select the Companies tab.

 4 Select companies Select the check box beside companies that you wish to add in a list as illustrated below:

 5 Save List Click Save and select the Save to New List option to create a new static list.


In the Save dialog, enter name for your list and click Save.save_list11.png

All selected companies are added in a new list successfully.

 6  Verify list Click the Home  icon and select Apex > Account Based Lists and select the list that you just created.

You can visualize your new list. For more information, read the article Visualizing Lists in our Knowledge Base.

 7 Save to an existing list You can also choose to add companies to an existing list. To do this, select a few companies in a Market Segment, then click Save and select an existing list as illustrated below:

The selected companies are added to the existing list.

Go to the Home page and select that list to visualize companies that you just added.

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