How to Retrieve the Client ID and Client Secret from SAP C/4 HANA Sales Cloud

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The instructions in this article describe how to retrieve Client ID and Client Secret for your SAP C/4 HANA Cloud instance. These credentials are required to access the Sales Intelligence application.

Note: Only an SAP C/4 HANA Cloud administrator can retrieve the client ID and client secret for SAP C/4 HANA instance. The client ID and secret is shared with users who use these credentials to authenticate Demandbase and SAP C/4 HANA access.

Step Description Details
 1 Update CRM Once you receive your password, log in to Sales Intelligence CRM view, go to any company account Overview page, and then click Update CRM.


 2 Download Certificate When you log in for the first time and click Update CRM, the Sales Intelligence certificate link appears in the Update Account page as illustrated if the STS details are not configured.


Click the Certificate link to download it.

 3 Retrieve Client ID and Client Secret
  • Open SAP C/4 HANA with Admin user credentials.
  • Go to Administrator Common Tasks and click  Configure OAuth 2.0 Identity Provider.


  • On the Configure OAuth2.0 Identity Providers page, click New OAuth 2.0 Provider.


  • Enter following issuing entity details:


    • Enter in the Issuing Entity Name field.
    • Click Browse to upload the Sales Intelligence Certificate that you just downloaded in the Primary Signing Certificate field.
    • On the Upload page, select the Entity file. The entity name populates.
    • Click on the Entity Name Provided.
    • Scroll down and click Upload to upload the signature certificate again.
    • Select the User Account ID and Email Address check boxes.
  • Click Submit.
  • Click Save and Close.
 4 Register OAuth 2.0 Provider

Go to Administrator tab and click OAuth2.0 Client Registration.


  • Click New.


  • Note down the Client_ID.
  • Enter any Client Secret.
  • Select issuer name as Entity Name that you have provided.
  • Click Save and Close.


 5 Get the Local Service Provider URL
  • Log in to SAP C/4 HANA with an admin user credentials.
  • Go to Administrator  Common Tasks click Configure Single Sign-On.


  • In the Configure Single Sign-On window,  note down the Local Service Provider URL and enter this URL in the STS Login page when required.


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