Configuring Insights Tile using XrmToolBox in Custom Sitemaps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Dynamics CRM Online

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This article provides instruction to configure the Insights tile and its subareas, using the XrmToolBox, in custom sitemap in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. To manually add the Insights tile using Sitemap Designer read the Configuring Insights Tile in Custom Sitemaps for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM Online article in our Knowledge Base.


    1. Get the latest version of XrmToolBox from here.
    2. Connect to your Dynamics CRM instance using System Administrator credentials by clicking the Connect link in the menu bar.
    3. Enable the SiteMap Editor plugin.


Once you are connected to your Dynamics instance through the XrmToolBox, follow the steps below to add the Insights tile to your sitemap:

Note: These steps are applicable only for the Insights, powered by InsideView 4.2 solution package.

Step Description Details
1 Load the sitemap Open the SiteMap Editor in XrmToolBox and click the Load SiteMap link as illustrated:


Choose the sitemap on which you want to add the Insights tile in the Sitemap selection pop-up and click OK.


Note: The Default sitemap will already have the Insights tile added.

2 Add Insights XML component Click here to download the Insights XML component.
    • Save the downloaded XML file on your computer.
    • In the XrmToolBox SiteMap Editor, click on SiteMap.
    • Click the Add Component with Xml icon as shown below:


Copy and paste the contents of the downloaded XML file in the Add Xml content pop-up window and click OK.


A new area InsightsMain, is added to the sitemap as illustrated:


3 Update sitemap Click on Update SiteMap link to save and publish the sitemap customization.


Once sitemap is updated, you can see the Insights tile added to the sitemap of your Dynamics instance as shown below:


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