How to Set Match Score Thresholds

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InsideView Enrich uses match score as a reference point for every match. A high match score represents the likelihood that a match is correct and InsideView Enrich will return the match that is accurate for a particular record. For this reason, an account administrator must set the match score threshold value for your InsideView Enrich account.

The match score threshold allows you to determine the right balance of match accuracy and enrichment rate for your leads. It can be modified based on your organizational requirements. If you want more matches, then an account administrator can lower the match threshold value at the cost of an increased proportion of false positives in the lead supply.

For step-by-step instructions on setting the match score threshold, see below.

Note: Only Account Administrators can set the Match Score value for your InsideView Enrich account.

Step Description Details
 1 Go to account settings On the Enrich page, click on the Account Settings icon as illustrated below:

The Accounts Settings window opens.

 2 Enter the match score

On the Account Settings page, enter the match score value for the leads.

 3 Save

Click Save.

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