Zero Missing in Zip Code When Exporting to Excel

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When exporting a file from Sales Intelligence to Excel, you will notice that the 0 is missing in zip codes that start with that digit. For instance, if the zip code is 06902 the exported result appears with a truncated zero - 6902. It is a standard default in Excel, and can easily be fixed.


Step Description Details
 1 Export Export the CSV file and save it to your hard drive without opening it. 
 2 Open a new Spreadsheet Open a new blank Excel spreadsheet.
 3 Import External data

Click Get External Data - From Text as illustrated in the below figure. 

 4 Select file to import Now select the data.csv file and Import it.
 5 Select options and click Next

In the Text Import Wizard (Step 1 of 3) that appears, select the following options as below, and click Next.

 6 Click Next In the Text Import Wizard (Step 2 of 3), select Tab and Comma as delimiters and click Next.
 7 Click Next

In the Text Import Wizard (Step 3 of 3), select Text as Column data format and in Data Previewmove to the right and select Postal Code column.

 8 Click OK Click OK on the next window prompt.
 9 View the excel sheet The excel sheet will now display the entire zip code without truncating the 0s.

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