Managing InsideView Data Integrity Account Settings

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This KB article provides instructions to manage Data Integrity account settings in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRMs.

Follow these steps to manage your Data Integrity Account Settings:

Step Description Details
1 Open Data Integrity Settings In the Data Integrity Dashboard, click the Profile Dropdown at the top and select Settings.


2 Manage Exclusion Rules To add a new exclusion rule click Add a New Exclusion Rule.


On the following pop-up enter the Exclusion Rule Name and choose the System you want to create this exclusion rule for. By default, the currently logged in Salesforce system is selected.


Choose the Record Type for which you would like to create an exclusion rule. An exclusion rule can be created in two ways:

Click Save. The exclusion rule is created and is available under Exclusion Rules as shown below:


To Refresh, Edit, or Delete an exclusion rule, hover over the rule and click on the appropriate button as illustrated:


3 Manage Users As a Data Integrity admin you can enable the Data Integrity features for other users in your organization. Click Manage User under Account Level Settings.


Users list open in the Unified Admin Portal in a new tab. Select the user you want to grant Data Integrity Access to and click Edit.


On the Edit User pop-up go to Product Details and click the Plus + icon. Select Data Integrity and click Save.


On the next screen, choose whether you would like to grant Admin access or standard User access and click Save to complete the process.


Note: The Admin role allows the user to create and edit Data Integrity processes and allocate Data Integrity licenses to other users.

Data Integrity access is granted to the selected user.


4 Manage Integrations and Field Mappings To learn more, please read the article Configuring Custom Field Mappings in Data Integrity in our Knowledge Base.

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