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Understanding Custom Agents


Custom Agents allow organizations to extend and personalize the monitoring capabilities beyond the standard agents provided in Sales Intelligence. Organizations can create Custom Agents to find media coverage, business events, and discussion topics using a set of conditions specific to their sales efforts.

Why Create Custom Agents?

Every organization is different and what represents a significant business event to one may not be important to others. The standard agents included with Sales Intelligence provide organizations with the ability to monitor for many common business events across industries and geographies. However, building your own custom agents may provide your team with increased intelligence specific to your organization.

Tips for Building Custom Agents

Effective custom agents can often be "reverse engineered" by finding press releases or other news items that report the type of event you’re interested in. Look at keywords and phrases used, and apply these to create a Custom Agent.  For example, an article about “encryption” may also discuss “tokenization”.  Including this keyword in a custom agent may expand results while maintaining relevance.

It is important to distinguish between the terms customers and prospects use when discussing your industry and products, and those used by your organization and its competitors. They can often be very different and focusing on product names and other keywords unique to your organization might not produce intended results. Below are two examples of custom agents.

Example 1: "IT Executives" Custom Agent

The goal of this custom agent is to find any news articles where a Director level or above member of a target company’s Information Technology (IT) team is mentioned. Depending on who an organization typically sells to, similar agents can be created for different functions (sales, marketing, finance, and more).


Example 2: "Cloud Computing" Custom Agent

The goal of this custom agent is to find any news articles where many variations of cloud computing terms are mentioned. Note that “News (only)” is selected for Source since SEC filings will rarely cover this topic.


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