Reviewing Matches in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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InsideView Refresh uses InsideView's proprietary database to find matches for records in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • The steps to select a Suggested MatchChange a MatchFind a Match, and Unmatch a Company are almost similar to what are documented in Reviewing Matches in Salesforce CRM article. Follow same instructions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to select different types of matches.
  • The only change is in navigation within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which is described in the section below and the naming convention varies. For example, the In progress match in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is called out as Change match in Salesforce CRM.

Note: InsideView Refresh for Contacts is currently supported only in Salesforce CRM integration.

Follow the instructions to Review Matches in Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Step Description Details
 1 Open Review Matches page

Log in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and go Sales Refresh to launch InsideView Refresh dashboard.


Click on any field in the Flagged Updates region to open the Review Updates page.


NOTE: The steps to change a match, find a match, unmatch a company and select a suggested match for Microsoft Dynamics CRM are same as Salesforce CRM. Read the relevant sections in the Reviewing Matches in Salesforce CRM article and use them as reference to Review Matches in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Review Matches page appears.

2 Search for a match On the Review Matches, use the Search field to filter the matches or select All updates check box or choose any particular match as illustrated:

3 Accept matches To approve all updates to be pushed into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, click Accept.

To approve a match individually, select the check box on the left to the corresponding match(es) and click Accept.

4 Push matches When you click Accept, the Push Matches pop-up dialog appears.


  • Click Push Matches Now to match records in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM immediately. 
  • Click Push Matches Later to push matches at the scheduled date and time that you have defined while creating the filter.

Note: You will receive an email when InsideView Refresh has some updates to review.

5 Reject matches To reject updates being pushed into your CRM, click the check box to the left of the corresponding update(s) and click Reject.

When you click Reject, the update(s) are removed and you will no longer see that update(s) on the dashboard.

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