Setting Up Conditional Custom Field Assignment Rules in Marketo

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This article provides instructions about how to set up conditional field assignment rules in Marketo for custom field mappings used for lead enrichment.

For example, instead of mapping to the standard Marketo “Country” field, you can create a custom field called “Billing Country.”  Later, create a workflow rule in Marketo, which states “if the ‘Billing Country’ field is empty” then push data from the ‘’  standard field to the ‘Billing Country.’

Follow these steps to set up conditional field assignment workflow rules:

Step Description Details
1 Go to the Marketo Campaign page On the Marketing Activities page, select the Marketing campaign folder and then click on the Campaign name. 

2 Define the conditional workflow rule Select the Flow tab and complete the following tasks:
  • Drag and drop the Call Webhook item. By default the InsideView Enrich Webhook should be selected. If it is not, click the drop-down menu to select the appropriate Webhook.
  • Drag and drop the Wait item from the Marketing pane. Enter the Duration value as 3 minutes. 
  • Drag and drop the Change Data Value item from the Marketing pane. Define the conditional field assignment rule:
    • Click Add Choice.
    • Select if Billing Country and is empty from the drop down menus.
    • Select the Billing Country attribute in the next line.
    • Enter the {{lead.Country}} in the New Value field.
    • Leave the Attribute and New Field fields blank or as is in the Default Choice section.

      Note: The {{ curly braces will populate a list of lead standard fields from which you can select the desired field.

  • Click Save. The workflow rule should appear similar to the one illustrated in the screen shot below:


3 Create a lead
  • Click on the Marketo logo and select the Lead Database item. 


  • On the Lead Database page select the New Lead item.


  • Enter the values for the First Name, Last Name and Email fields. 

  • Click Create.

4 Verify the conditional field assignment Once the lead is created, InsideView Enrich Webhook will wait for three minutes to enrich the lead data.
  • Go to the Lead Database page.
  • Enter the Email address in the Quick Find search box.


  • Click the Search icon.
  • On the Search Results page, click the Lead ID link.
  • On the Lead Details page, select the Lead Info tab and scroll down to verify the Country field value.


  • Select the Company Info tab and scroll down to verify the Billing Country field value.                                                                                    
  • If both Billing Country and Country values are the same, it means the conditional field assignment workflow has successfully enriched the lead data. 

    Note: In this example, Insideview suggests that you use the Billing Country field. However, you can replace the Billing Country field with any other Marketo field.

5 Review the activity log On the Lead Details page, click the Activity Log to confirm lead enrich status.


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