How to Set Up Enterprise Reference Accounts

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Reference Accounts are satisfied customers who would be willing to provide you with a testimonial or an introduction to people in their professional network. InsideView provides you with the opportunity to create Enterprise-level reference accounts which all of your InsideView users can leverage.

The more Reference Accounts you supply, the larger the network of professional connections InsideView can search when finding connections for your InsideView users.

Note: This setup can only be done by the InsideView administrator.

To set up your Enterprise Reference Accounts:

Step Description Details
 1 Login  Log into InsideView with your admin license.
 2 Move to the Manage Connections Page Click Account Admin in the right corner and select Manage Connections to view the below screen.    


3 Go to the Reference Account Click on Add Reference Customer. 


 4 Specify the Company Names In the Reference Customers (Enterprise) window, select the appropriate region from the menu and specify the company names on separate lines.

 5 Search Click Search.
 6 Add the accounts From the Search result, select the name of the company and click Add Reference Customers to add them for reference. InsideView will add these companies to your Enterprise Reference Account list.

Note: Companies that are added as a reference customer will include "REF" suffix next to their account name.

 7 Select the Best Match   If an Account has a Flag  next to it, that means the system found multiple matches for the reference account. You can click the flag to review and select the best match.

To select the best match from the resulting pop-up just click on the Company name.

Your InsideView users can then leverage these connections in their prospecting and account management activities.


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