Tuning InsideView Enrich

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InsideView Enrich allows you to enrich leads as they enter the marketing automation and CRM applications to deliver more qualified leads faster. InsideView Enrich receives information from inbound leads and returns additional information from the InsideView database using our proprietary algorithm that matches the leads based on the information received.


When InsideView Enrich is optimally configured, it delivers the following benefits:

  • Efficiency: You can enter fewer fields on the web forms and let InsideView Enrich to fill in lead records with over 40 fields of accurate information—so that you can expand your sales pipeline with the complete lead information.
  • Effectiveness: InsideView Enrich sends enriched leads directly into your marketing automation system for improved lead scoring and routing.

Tune InsideView Enrich

To derive the maximum benefit from InsideView Enrich, it’s essential to fine-tune settings as per your business needs.

You can tune InsideView Enrich based on these factors:

  • Entering fields to match against: You can decide which fields to include on your CRM inbound lead form. The fields that you make available to the InsideView Enrich will affect the quality and quantity of your matches, because our matching algorithm assigns different weights to different fields. Different selections of fields will yield different results depending on the use case. To learn best practices for entering fields, read the article Entering Right Fields to Match Lead Data from InsideView Enrich in our Knowledge Base.
  • Set Match threshold: An InsideView CSM or your Account Administrator can adjust InsideView Enrich to be more or less permissive with regard to acceptable match rates. A high threshold will result in a relatively lower volume of enriched leads with higher accuracy; a low threshold will result in a greater volume of leads with lower accuracy. Again, the best approach for you depends on your use case and business requirements. To learn best practices for setting the match score threshold, read the article Understanding Match Score Thresholds in our Knowledge Base.

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