Case Study: How InsideView Products and Data Services Complement One Another

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Balihoo is the premier provider of automated marketing software for hyper-local campaigns. They equip their customers with insights to win more business deals by providing unique marketing intelligence through the combination of technology and data.

Balihoo’s Sales and Marketing Challenges

  • Data from their existing business data service lacked the quality and depth they expected, and didn’t provide enough coverage across industries.
  • Marketing longed for more accurate targeting, so they needed a way to clean and enrich existing data while also validating and enriching incoming leads.
  • Without good data, their sales team was forced to devote too much time researching dubious prospects and prepping for calls

How InsideView Diagnose with Sales Intelligence Cloud helped Balihoo?

InsideView Diagnose™ assessed the quality of Balihoo’s dirty data finding that 85% of existing records were incomplete or inaccurate. Insideview Insights® helped Balihoo to overcome these inaccuracies by matching Balihoo’s data against InsideView’s industry-leading database of over 12 million companies and 30 million contacts, with an 89% accuracy rate.

How InsideView Enrich and Sales Intelligence Cloud products helped Balihoo?

Once their existing records were cleaned, Balihoo turned to InsideView to ensure all incoming leads were complete and correct. Using InsideView Enrich™, Balihoo found that new leads in their CRM were incomplete or incorrect with 85% percent of inaccurate lead data.  InsideView Enrich has helped Balihoo with the complete lead data necessary for proper lead scoring and routing with the correct contact information for lead qualification. 

With InsideView Enrich, Balihoo was able to convert incomplete leads from their marketing automation tools into marketing qualified leads (MQL) to build targeted sales campaigns. Enrich incomplete leads and pump those leads into Balihoo’s CRM with comprehensive data from Insideview’s database in near real time.


InsideView Diagnose uncovered the scope of Balihoo’s data challenges. Sales Intelligence Cloud and InsideView Enrich then helped Balihoo address those challenges. InsideView customers aren’t just buying data—they’re buying data solutions. Our products and services work together to help customers understand their problems better and to fix them—so that they can work informed!

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