Managing Account Level Match Score Thresholds Settings

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InsideView allows account administrators to adjust Match Score thresholds for Account, Lead, and Contact objects/entities to control and maintain match accuracy and recall of InsideView Data that is pushed in your CRM data.

Your account administrator adjusts the match threshold values to control the threshold at which InsideView can match your records with InsideView data. These threshold values will also allow account administrators to control match accuracy as well as the quality of enrichment or data update (sync) into your CRM from InsideView Database.

Note: Only Account Administrators can set the Match Score value for your InsideView account via Unified Admin Portal.

The match score threshold allows you to determine the right balance of match accuracy and enrichment rate for your data. It can be modified based on your organizational requirements. If you want more matches, then an account administrator can lower the match threshold value at the cost of an increased proportion of false positives in the lead supply.

To learn what is a match score threshold, how match scores are calculated, and why you should use match score thresholds, read the article Understanding InsideView Match Score Thresholds in our Knowledge Base.

For step-by-step instructions on setting the match score threshold for Account, Contact, and Lead objects see below.

Step Description Details
 1 Go to account settings

Log in to InsideView Admin Portal with admin user credentials. Go to Account Settings. The Accounts Settings window opens.


 2 Go to the  match settings page

On the Account Settings page, click Match Settings. The Match Score page opens.

3 Set the match score Drag the slider for Account, Contacts, and Leads to set the corresponding match score.


Click Save.

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