Best Practices for Enriching Leads in Salesforce CRM

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This article explains best practices that can maximize the lead enrichment potential of Insideview’s InsideView Enrich in Salesforce CRM. 

Note: Before using these best practices, check the Lead Assignment Trigger setting for an authorized lead enrichment account in Insideview Enrich. For more information, click here.

At times, due to a company’s business process, leads are assigned only after they have been enriched. In these cases, follow the best practices below:

  • Modify existing active lead assignment rules to process leads.
  • Create a delay queue to monitor leads that have not been enriched.

Modifying Existing Active Lead Assignment Rules

This best practice ensures that only leads processed by Insideview Enrich are assigned. Once this is setup, either you or an InsideView administrator can enable the Lead Assignment Trigger in the Insideview Enrich account settings. 

Before enabling Lead Assignment Trigger for the company, modify each lead assignment rule entry with the following AND operator to process leads using the steps below:

Step Description Details
1 Log in Log in to


2 Go to Setup page Go to Setup Customize Lead Assignment Rules.
3 Select an assignment rule Select the Assignment Rule that you wish to modify.
4 Modify the assignment rule

For each rule entry, set the following values:

  • Enter the Sort Order. 
  • Select the Criteria:
  • Criteria 1:
    • Field = Lead: InsideView Match Status
    • Operator = not equal to
    • Value = Not Processed
  • Criteria 2:
    • Field = Lead: InsideView Match Status
    • Operator = not equal to
    • Value =
  •  Select a User.
5 View the search criteria

After the rules are modified, the rule entries should display the criteria as illustrated below:

Creating A Delay Queue

This best practice creates a delay queue to retrieve a consolidated list of leads that are not enriched. The list can be:

  • Re-imported into as new leads for enrichment, or
  • Sent to the InsideView Support team to process and provide a file with the enriched data.

The delay queue does not delay leads or prevent them from being assigned. Its only purpose is to monitor those leads which have not been enriched. 

Note: Create a delay queue only when the company’s business process requires such monitoring. Otherwise, do not create this queue.

To create a delay queue in, follow these steps :

Step Description Details
1 Log in Log in to
2 Go to leads Go to the Leads Object.
3 Create a new view Click on the Create New View link next to the Lead View..
4 Enter new view details In the Create New View window, enter these values:
  • View Name= Delay Queue
  • View Unique Name = Delay Queue 
5 Specify the filter criteria Specify a filter criteria with these values:
  • In the Filter By Owner region, select All Unconverted Leads
  • In the Filter By Additional Fields (Optional) region, set:
    • Field = InsideView Match Status
    • Operator = equals
    • Value = Not Processed.
  • In the Fields to Display region, you can select fields based on what you want to see in the lead.
  • In the Restrict Visibility region, you can select options based on how you want to set the View’s visibility.
6 Save

Click Save.

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