Upgrading an Older Version of InsideView for Salesforce CRM to the Latest Version

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InsideView for Salesforce CRM offers the most accurate and complete market intelligence that powers productivity across the enterprise. Up-to-the-minute intelligence from over 40,000 sources is delivered into your business workflow through various InsideView CRM integrations. The InsideView Insights product suite also includes:  

  • InsideView Mobile™ – Provides market intelligence on your mobile device making it easy to access on the go.
  • InsideView Account Management™ – Provides leadership change updates and market intelligence to keep you informed about important activities across your accounts and arms you with insights to retain and grow them.

Effective June 2018, installing InsideView Insights is moved via the Connected Apps page and the latest installation package can be downloaded from here Salesforce AppExchange.

Upgrading InsideView for Salesforce CRM in Salesforce Classic Edition 

Customers using an older version of the InsideView Insights app can upgrade to the latest InsideView Insights Connected app 5.x version package. Here’s how:

Step Description Details
 1 Log in  Log in to Salesforce.com as an administrator.
 2 View Installed package Go to the Installed Package page.
  • In the Classic edition, go to Build Installed Packages.
  • In the Lightning edition, go to Setup Apps Installed Packages.

The following screen shows an older version of InsideView app in the Installed Package page:


 2 Search in Salesforce AppExchange Go to the Salesforce's AppExchange page and search for the InsideView app as illustrated below:



 3 Install new package To install the new package, click Get it Now.


Log in to Salesforce with your admin user credentials and choose the desired option then click Upgrade.


In the Confirm Installation Details page, click Confirm and Install and the upgrade process begins as illustrated below:


Once the package is upgraded, the following screen appears:


Click Done.

For information on how to configure Data Integrity in Salesforce CRM, read the article Quick Start Reference setup instructions in our Knowledge Base.

 4 Allow access and grant permissions If your admin selects the InsideView App page and under the oAuth Policies section, if Permitted Users is set to All users may self-authorize option, then the following screen will be shown to each user when they try to access InsideView until they grant access.

The following screen appears for each user:


For more information, read the article Installing InsideView Sales App in Salesforce CRM in the Knowledge Base.

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