How to Distribute Automated Watchlists

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Distribute Watchlists


As an Account Administrator you can create and share Automated Watchlists with your Salesforce CRM users in Sales Intelligence.

Add an Automated Watchlist

Step Description Details
 1 Open the Admin Page.

From your Salesforce CRM, click on the Company name in the Sales Intelligence window to open the details page in a new tab.

Click on Account Admin in Sales Intelligence. 


 2 Open the Distribute Watchlists page Click Distribute Watchlists.


 3 Add a new Watchlist Click Add Watchlist.

 5 Name the Watchlist and specify preferences Enter a name for your Automated Watchlist, select your Account Criteria from the drop-down list and specify your preferences.
 6 Select the list to share the Watchlist Click Next | Select Users to select the users with whom you want to share this Watchlist. Alternatively, you can click Save to save the Watchlist and send it to users later. Refer to Share a Watchlist with Users below in this article.
 7 Send the Watchlist

On the Select Users section, search for users you want to send the Watchlist to and click Send Watchlist in the Send Watchlist column.


  • Automated Watchlists can only be sent to Enterprise users.
  • If a user has set up the maximum number of Watchlists, you cannot send an additional Watchlist to that particular user.

Share a Watchlist with Users

Step Description Details
 1 Open the Admin Page Click on Account Admin in Sales Intelligence. 


 2 Search for the Watchlist Search for the Watchlist you want to share by name.
 3 Add more users Click Send to more users in the Send Watchlist column. The number of users you have shared this Watchlist with displays under the Sent to (#People) column.
 4 Select the list to share the Watchlist  In the Select Users section, search for users you want to share the Watchlist with and click Send Watchlist in the Send Watchlist column. You can share a Watchlist with multiple users here.
 5 Finish the process Click Done


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