How Do I Find the Right Company?

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This article explains how Sales Intelligence finds the correct match for a company in the CRM. It also outlines the steps to resolve an incorrect company pairing.

For example, if you are looking for Global Lion Group, Inc., but the Account Name on the CRM record only says Lion Group, Demandbase may match to The Lion Group. This pairing is made based on the information already present in your CRM such as Account Name, Website, and Address information. In such cases, resolve the incorrect pairing with a more appropriate match by clicking the pencil icon.

To resolve incorrect pairing follow these instructions:

Step Description Details
1 Open the account Open any account record in your CRM and scroll to the Sales Intelligence section.
2 Find the right company Click the pencil icon as illustrated:


3 Review search results A list of suggested matches appears. Search for the correct company by typing the name in the search box.


4 Select a company Locate the correct company and click the Select link.


A green tick indicates the newly paired company. This record becomes the default pairing for that particular company.


If none of the results match the company you are looking for, hover over the green tick mark and click Unmatch.


If a company match is not found you can click the Add a Company link. To learn how to add a company, read the article How to add a Company or a Person's Record in our Knowledge Base.

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