How Target Attempts to Resync Failed Leads to Marketo

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Target attempts to sync leads directly into the Marketo marketing automation system. When leads fail to sync, Target will automatically retry the sync at scheduled intervals. Target will also notify you of the cause of the error.

For most errors, up to three (3) retries are scheduled, at intervals of 15, 120, and 360 minutes. For the Daily quota reached error, a retry is scheduled once for each day.

The table below lists all error codes and their descriptions.

Error Code Error Message  Description Retry Schedule Interval
600 Empty access token The access token is empty. 15/120/360 minutes
601 Access token invalid An Access Token parameter was included in the request, but the value was not a valid access token.


15/120/360 minutes
602 Access token expired The Access Token included in the call is no longer valid due to expiration. 15/120/360 minutes
604 Request timed out The request was running for too long, or exceeded the time-out period specified in the header of the call. 15/120/360 minutes
606 Max rate limit '%s' exceeded with in '%s' secs The number of calls in the past 20 seconds was greater than 100 15/120/360 minutes
607 Daily quota reached Number of calls today exceeded the subscription’s quota.  The default subscription quota is 10,000/day. Next day
608 API Temporarily Unavailable API server is temporarily not available 15/120/360 minutes
611 System error All unhandled exceptions 15/120/360 minutes
1014 Failed to create Object Failed to create Object (list) 15/120/360 minutes

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