Managing Frequently Viewed Watchlists

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Manage Frequently Viewed Watchlists


Frequently Viewed Watchlists are automatic Watchlists that track companies and people that you view frequently (a company or person's profile you view more than five times is automatically added to this Watchlist.) You can choose to remove a company or person from this Watchlist, edit your notification settings, and turn on or off the Watchlist.  

The following table lists the export limit and the number of Watchlists, companies, and people that you can add based on the license type.

License Type No. of Watchlists No. of People and/or Companies Per List


1 Frequently Viewed and 1 Static


Enterprise 1 Frequently Viewed and 10 Static 200
Pro 1 Frequently Viewed and 1 Static 200

While companies and people are added to the Frequently Viewed Watchlist automatically, you can control the rules for how this happens.

Edit the Frequently Viewed Watchlist rules

  1. Log in to Demandbase Sales Intelligence. At the top right, click the drop down next to your profile > Manage Watchlists. 
  2. Click on Frequently Viewed Watchlist. 
  3. Click Edit Rules. Adjust the settings and click Save.  
    • Feature Status - Activate/deactivate the Watchlist. 
    • Companies and People - Adjust which views are considered frequent and when to remove those records from the Watchlist. 


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