Nuts-and-Bolts of Individual User Security Authentication

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InsideView by default will ask users to log in to InsideView with their username and password unless Single Sign-On (SSO) is enabled for CRM. This article assumes SSO is not enabled in your CRM and outlines the nuts-and-bolts of user login process. 

Step Description Details
 1 Go to the InsideView screen

You will be prompted with the following screen when you first attempt to access InsideView. If you have forgotten your password or intend to procure a new password, click I Need a Password button. 


Note: InsideView supports Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAML with a view to providing the ability to login just once across all the applications and operating systems you need to access. If you're a user, request your administrator to configure SSO. If you are an administrator and want to configure SSO as a one-time setup for your team, click the here link in the above figure to learn more about the procedure to set up SSO.

 2 Change Password

Clicking the I need a Password button will bring up the following screen:

 3 Submit

Click Submit. You will receive a link in your inbox to set your password. 

 4 Specify a new Email Id

You can also specify a new email id in the following scenarios:

  • You do not have access to the email id displayed in the above screen
  • You have an InsideView profile registered for this account with a different email id
  • You want to create a new profile in InsideView for this account

The following warning appears if you specify your alternate email id:

 5 Verify the existence of Email Id 

If the specified email id is not registered with InsideView, then a new InsideView profile will be created. If the specified email id is registered with InsideView, but not with this account, then you will not be able to get insights directly in this CRM. For more details, please refer to the Accessing InsideView from a Different Business Unit section in this article below.

 6 Submit the Email Id or revert the change

Click Submit to receive a link in your inbox to set your password. To revert to your previous email id, click Reset to original Email ID.

On Submit, the following confirmation message appears.

 7 Log into InsideView

Once you've set your password you can log into InsideView. To login, click Sign In in the following screen:



 8 Enter the associated Password

The following screen appears:

In the above screen, enter your password. Remember to use the same email id from where you set your password earlier. Unselect the Remember me check box if you do not want the system to remember your credentials

 9 Sign in to your CRM

Click Sign In to access InsideView's market intelligence directly in your CRM. 

 Accessing InsideView from a Different CRM Instance

Step Description Details
 1 Access InsideView from a different CRM Instance

At times you may want to access InsideView from a new CRM instance within the same organization (InsideView Account). You must get your admin's approval in order to get market intelligence directly into this instance. In such cases, the system displays the following message:

 2 Send Request

Click Send Request. Your InsideView admin will receive an email notification to Approve or Reject the request. Based on your admin's action, you will either receive an approval or rejection email. If you need any help, click Contact Support.  

Accessing InsideView from a Different Business Unit (InsideView Account)

Accessing InsideView from a different business unit involves a different process. For instance, if you belong to a business unit A and are attempting to access InsideView from CRM of another business unit called B, then the system throws the following message:

When you come across the above message, click Contact Support for a resolution. 

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