InsideView Refresh Fields and Datatype Mappings

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InsideView Refresh identifies and corrects bad data in your Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics  CRMs, supplies missing information, and maintains the accuracy of data via regular updates. Given as little as a company name or email domain, InsideView Refresh will update those accounts with company data, and then push the updates and matches for that company record with all relevant fields available in the InsideView database—allowing your organization to properly route and score the company. 

Each of these fields can be custom mapped to a corresponding field in your Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. InsideView can overwrite existing any or all company account data fields, should your organization choose to use our updated data as your standard. Overwriting is an option, it is not mandatory.

The Company Name field is mandatory to refresh a company account.

Custom Fields 

InsideView Field Description Datatype Mapping


The last updated date of the company account by InsideView Refresh.

Date/Time in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


The company account matched status from InsideView Refresh.


Picklist in Salesforce and Option Set in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Note: The LastUpdatedDateByIV and MatchedStatus_c custom fields are added ONLY for account entity in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

Field Details  

List of Account and People Fields

Note: Download the Google Sheet to see picklist values. 



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