Managing InsideView Refresh Account Settings for Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Dynamics CRM

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Prior to setting up InsideView Refresh for your Dynamics CRM, switch to Insideview Refresh and configure the following:

  • Map Fields:  Set the field mappings between an InsideView Refresh and Dynamics CRM field.
  • Industry Codes: Enable the Industry Code settings for account objects.

Mapping InsideView Refresh and Dynamics CRM Fields

InsideView Refresh allows you to map 47 custom fields. You can map these fields directly to your Dynamics CRM. Each InsideView Refresh field has a datatype, which can be mapped to same datatype field in your CRM. 

Note: The field mapping settings are applied to InsideView Refresh filters. They are designed to show only the CRM fields of a particular datatype in a drop-down menu. If a field doesn't show up, please check the datatype in the drop-down list and in your CRM.

Step Description Details
1 Go to the Maps Fields page Once you have added a filter and/or uploaded a file, go to Sales > Settings > Refresh Settings.

The Map Fields page appears.

2 Review the default field mapping On the Field Mapping page, by default some InsideView Refresh fields are mapped to your Dynamics CRM fields as illustrated below:

3 Edit the field mapping Select the field and then click the Edit icon. 

4 Modify field mapping Change the field mapping by selecting any field from the drop-down list or search for a specific field by entering the field name. For example, change the field mapping for Industry and map it to Business Type as illustrated below:

5 Save  Make necessary changes and click Save.


Click Save again. The following screen appears:

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