How to Find the Right Social Profile for a Contact

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This article explains how the Sales Intelligence lets you find a social profile for an executive. It outlines the steps to pair a social profile for an executive.

The Not the right social profile? button also allows you to resolve incorrect social profile matches by letting you select the correct match from a list of social profile matches in the database. 

Step Description Details
 1 Go to Contact Detail page In both the CRM and Web view, search for a person to open the Contact Detail page. You can also select a contact in the People tab to open this page.


Click the pecnil_ico.pngNot the right social profile? button to find social profiles that match with that person's name.

 2 Select the right profile If there is no social profile selected for a person, then you can select a profile from the search results and map it to that contact.

If you think the social profile of a contact is matched incorrectly, then identify the correct social profile in the search results and click the Select link as illustrated:


Click Done.

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