Managing InsideView Refresh Account Settings for Salesforce CRM

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Prior to setting up InsideView Refresh for your Salesforce CRM, switch to Insideview Refresh and configure the following:

  • Map Fields:  Set the field mappings between an InsideView Refresh and Salesforce CRM field.
  • ISO Picklist: Enable the ISO settings for state and country for account objects.

Mapping InsideView Refresh and Salesforce CRM Fields

InsideView Refresh allows you to map 47 custom account fields and 18 custom contact fields. You can map these fields directly to your Salesforce CRM. Each InsideView Refresh field has a datatype, which can be mapped to same datatype field in your CRM. 

Note: The field mapping settings are applied to InsideView Refresh lists. They are designed to show only the CRM fields of a particular datatype in a drop-down menu. If a field doesn't show up, please check the datatype in the drop-down list and in your CRM.

Step Description Details
1 Go to the Field Mapping page Once you have created a list and/or uploaded a file, click the Account icon and select Field Mapping.


2 Review the default field mapping On the Field Mapping page, by default some InsideView Refresh fields are mapped to your Salesforce CRM fields as illustrated below:

Click the Accounts to view account field mappings

Click the Contacts link to  view contacts field mapping.

3 Edit the field mapping Select an Account related field and then click the Edit icon. 

Select a Contact field and click Edit

4 Save  Make necessary changes and click Save.

Enabling ISO Picklist

State and country picklists in Salesforce are based on ISO-3166 standard values. For more information on configuring state and country picklists, read Salesforce Help Documentation.

Step Description Details
1 Go to the Settings page On the InsideView Refresh page, click on the Account icon and select General Settings as shown below:


2 Turn on the ISO picklist setting On the Accounts Settings page, turn roller on.pngon or off.png off to 
Enable and Disable ISO setting as illustrated below:


  • When you Turn On the ISO setting, InsideView Refresh will update the account with ISO code for a country name. If “State and Country Picklists” are enabled in Salesforce after creating a new account manually through the UI or programmatically using Data Loader or BULK API services, the account is updated in the first attempt.
  • When you Turn Off the ISO setting, InsideView Refresh will update the account with the full name of the country. If the "State and Country Picklists" are enabled in Salesforce upon account creation, update to that account is not successful with the full name. In such cases, InsideView Refresh will update the account with the ISO code of the country  name in the second attempt.

Note: InsideView Refresh will update accounts irrespective of the setting that you have selected for the ISO Picklist. However, when State and Country Picklists are enabled in Salesforce, InsideView Refresh might delay the updates of the account because of multiple attempts to add a country and a state value.

3 Save settings  Click Save.

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