How to add a Company or a Person's Record

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This article explains how to add a company and a contact record in the Demandbase database. 

Adding a Company Record

If you do not find the name of a company in your search, you can add the basic details to Demandbase database. These additions will be reviewed and researched by our team and updated to show up in search results.

Step Description Details
 1 Select any menu item Open Sales Intelligence CRM View.



Log in to the Sales Intelligence Web View interface.

In the Search box, type a few letters from the name of the company you are looking for to narrow your search, and then press enter or click the magnifying glass icon.

2 Add a company

If you do not find the company you’re looking for, click the Add a Company link.


3 Enter the new company details

On the Add a Company form, enter the company name and the website. You can also enter other details of the company here.


4 Add Click Add a Company.

Adding a Contact Record

Step Description Details
1 Go to the People tab Open a company record and click the People tab.
2 Search for a person In the People tab search box, type the name of the person and press Enter.


3 Add a Person If you do not find the contact name in the results, enter contact details in the form and click Add a Person to add the record to Sales Intelligence.

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