Getting to Sales Intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Sales Intelligence provides contextual information within Dynamics 365. This includes options to search for a company or individual in the Insights database, manage your Watchlists, view company insights categories, and leverage your referral network.

You can get to Sales Intelligence application in Dynamics 365 from the following entities: accounts, leads, contacts, and opportunities.

Important Note: Sales Intelligence is a third party application, which is designed to be accessed only within the Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity entities. 

If you launch Sales Intelligence from Microsoft’s MyApps ( page, it will cause an error.

This issue occurs because Insights redirects you to oAuth secure login, which is not supported in the apps context because it does not have required parameters to open the application.

Step Description Details
 1 Go to the Main tile To open an Account page, do one the following:

Go to the Sales work area, click Accounts.


The My Active Accounts page opens.

 2 Select an Account To open an Account page, select a desired company.


 3 Go to Insights Summary panel The Insights summary panel appears on the right side of the page.


 4 Review CRM View panel Click the Open Detailed View link to view the company’s detailed information.


The detailed CRM View opens as shown:


Repeat the same steps for Contacts, Lead, and Opportunities.

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