Configuring SAML SSO Settings for Custom Packages

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This article outlines the process of configuring SAML SSO settings for custom packages. To configure SAML Settings for Your CRM, refer to the article Configuring SAML Settings in InsideView for Your CRM. If you'd like to get a peek into InsideView security authentication overview, read the article InsideView Security Authentication Overview

In instances where you are a partner and plan to develop your own custom package to configure SAML in your CRM system, there are a few things you need to do slightly differently. This article addresses this requirement.

Note: The procedure to configure SAML settings for your custom package is very similar to the above process. Remember to change only the following details.

Step Description Details
 1 Add a new SAML Dialog When you configure SAML settings in the Add a New SAML dialog, as illustrated in the figure below, you must select ‘Other’. This is highlighted in a red circle.

In the above figure, apart from selecting ‘Other’, ensure you specify a unique name in the STS field.

 2 Change the Parameters Once you specify the above parameters, the following parameter needs to be changed. This is illustrated in the following figure:

 3 Complete the Set-up

Once you’re done changing the above parameter as illustrated in the red-circle, your CRM system will be SAML-compliant. 

Note: Users can be auto-provisioned as Trial by calling in InsideView Support.

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