June 2022 Release Note

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In this release we've made updates to API Matching, API Fields, and NAICS Codes

API Branch Matching

Previously, our API only matched against companies that were part of a Family Tree (e.g. subsidiaries.) This release includes new API Fields that enables Branch matching. Use these fields to match against companies in specific branch locations. 

New API Fields

API Field Label



The organizational structure of a company (global parent, uncategorized, subsidiary, group, branch, independent) 


Company status (operating, non-Operating, acquired, liquidating, outOfBusiness, unassigned


Company type (public, private, government, organization, unknown)


Number of company sites


Number of company sites that has site related information


Type of a site

API Field Updates

One field has a spelling change and must be replaced as soon as possible. Four fields have new versions and must be replaced by December 31, 2022. 

Updated API Field 

Previous API Field

New API Field

Forfeiting and Factoring

Forfaiting and Factoring 

API Fields to replace by December 31, 2022

Previous API Field

New API Field





employments jobFunctions

employment jobFunctionsV2

employments jobLevels 

employments jobLevelsV2

NAICS Code Updates

Every five years, NAICS codes are reviewed and revised by the Census Bureau. We've updated our products to reflect the 2022 NAICS Codes. 


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