April 2021 Release Note

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Mobile Phone Numbers

InsideView Insights now allows you to access the mobile phone number of executives, provided we have the mobile number in the InsideView database. InsideView’s Mobile Number feature will increase the probability of directly contacting your prospect for better business outreach.

Note: The Mobile numbers for executives are available only when you purchase the InsideView Elite license.

You can view Mobile phone numbers in both the CRM and Web views.

Web View:

CRM View:


The Mobile Number feature allows you to view the type of phone number by hovering on the green dot icon.3.png

In the List Build search, you can select the Mobile Phone filter to search executives with mobile numbers.
You can also view the Mobile number icon in the Contact Info column in the People search results.

Mobile Phone is available as a mappable field in the field mappings, which can be used to push the mobile number to the respective CRM field.

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