Set Up User Permissions for Field Mapping in Salesforce

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To sync data from InsideView to CRM fields, you must use an integration user with sufficient permissions in your CRM environment. Using an integration user with insufficient permissions prevents data from syncing successfully

To ensure data syncs successfully, you can check and update integration user field permissions for the integration user.

Important: You must have Admin privileges within your InsideView and CRM environments. 

Steps: Check Integration User Field Permissions 

  1. Log in to InsideView as the Integration User and go to the Admin Portal.

  2. Go to Account Settings > Integrations. Choose the CRM environment you want to check. 

  3. Click the applicable Object tab (Account/Contact/Lead.) 
  4. Look for the applicable Field.  
  5. Go to the corresponding CRM Field (e.g. Salesforce Contact Field) column and expand the dropdown. In this example, we're looking for the Salesforce Contact object > Job Function field. 

  6. The integration user doesn't have sufficient field permissions if any of the following is true: 
    • There is no green check mark next to the field listed in the dropdown.
    • The field isn't listed in the dropdown.
    • Searching for the field doesn't yield any results.

Steps: Update Integration User Field Permissions

  1. Log in to your CRM as an Admin user.
  2. In this example we're using Salesforce. Refer to the Microsoft documentation to update user permissions in Microsoft Dynamics. 
  3. Click the Setup icon in the upper right corner
  4. In the left panel, quick find Fields and choose the applicable Object. 
  5. Choose the applicable Field.
  6. Click Set Field-Level Security

  7. Look for the integration user profile and select the Visible check box next to the profile. 
  8. Click Save





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