Quick Start Reference - Setting up Data Integrity in Salesforce CRM

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This article outlines the various steps needed to set-up Data Integrity in Salesforce CRM. Follow these steps to complete the integration.

Step Description Details
1 Install the latest InsideView Data Integrity package To learn how to install the InsideView Data Integrity package, read the article Installing Demandbase Sales Intelligence in Salesforce CRM.
2 Configure the InsideView components in Salesforce  To learn how to enable the InsideView components namely, the InsideView widget and the Data Integrity button, read the article Enabling the InsideView Data Integrity Components in Salesforce CRM.
3 Add InsideView fields on the page layouts  It is recommended to add the following fields to the page layouts for each supported objects in Salesforce CRM:
  • InsideView Data Integrity Status
  • InsideView Match Status
  • InsideView Date Last Updated

These fields are important in helping you to identify the Data Integrity status of the record.

Note: Change the InsideView Data Integrity Status field to Not Managed and the InsideView Match Status field to Unmatched for all existing records before executing any Data Integrity processes in the instance.

4 Configure Data Integrity link in the nav bar Follow the steps provided in the article Configuring the InsideView Data Integrity Custom Tab in the Navigation Bar to add the Data Integrity link to the Salesforce navigation bar.
5 Set up an integration user in Salesforce To learn how to set-up an integration user in Salesforce, read the article Set Up an Integration User for InsideView in Salesforce CRM.
6 Create an integration To learn how to set-up a new integration for Data Integrity in Salesforce, read the article Setting Up an Integration for Salesforce CRM in Data Integrity.
7 Complete the default field mapping and process behavior  To set-up the default and custom field mappings, read the article Configuring Custom Field Mappings in Data Integrity for Salesforce CRM Integration
8 Activate InsideView workflows rules Activate the following workflow rules in Salesforce:
  • InsideView Outbound Rule for Accounts
  • InsideView Outbound Rule for Contacts
  • InsideView Outbound Rule for Leads
  • InsideView Outbound Rule for New Accounts
  • InsideView Outbound Rule for New Contacts
  • InsideView Outbound Rule for New Leads
Note: Enable InsideView Outbound Rule for New Opportunities workflow only if you are using Funnel Analytics with InsideView Apex.
9 Create processes To learn how to create new Data Integrity processes for Accounts, Contacts, and Leads, read articles:
10 Enable Account hierarchy To learn how to enable Account Hierarchy in Data Integrity, read the article Managing Account Hierarchies in Salesforce CRM.
11 Enable Lead to Account mapping To learn how to enable Lead to Account mapping in Data Integrity, read the article Managing Lead to Account Mapping Settings.

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