Target for Salesforce CRM

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Target helps you identify better prospects faster, by enabling you to build precisely targeted Company and People Lists based on the insights from the Demandbase database, including company firmographics, job title or level, contact information (email or phone) and social insights. Company and People Lists can then be exported to your Salesforce CRM with just one click. 

With Target for Salesforce, you can:

  • Build more granular People or Company lists with custom search criteria.
  • Save searches for later use. 
  • Export People or Company lists data into a .csv file.
  • Sync People lists to your SaaS applications using the Sync option.
  • Monitor export usage balance to see how and when lists are being used.

Note: Target for Salesforce CRM is also supported on a Sandbox instance.

If you use custom marketing automation systems and want to explore the benefits of Target, you can build your own integration with Target APIs. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to get started.

To build a company or people list, see How to Build a Company List in Target and How to Build a People List in Target.

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