How to Build a People List

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Build a list of targeted people at a set of companies to share your marketing campaigns.​

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1 Launch Target 

Click the Build a List link in Sales Intelligence. 


2 Enter the people list criteria

On the Build a List page, enter the search criteria for your people list.people_job3_small.png

3 Search with Job title, function, and level  Use Target to search for executives according to the following criteria:
    • Job Title: Search for people with specific keywords in their title. 

      For example, enter the Job Title as “business development” and press enter. You can enter multiple job title keywords.

    • Job Function: Search for people by their role or department. 

      For example, select Finance or Human Resources. You can enter multiple job functions.

    • Job Level: Search for people by seniority in their role.

      For example, select C-Level, Vice President, and Senior Executive to build a list of people in senior management roles. 


Note: Here and throughout, the number of people available in the Demandbase database changes automatically based on your search criteria.
4 Search with Contact Location The Contact Location filter allows you to search for contacts based on their location.


Enter the name of a city, state, or  country select from the type ahead suggestions to choose locations as illustrated:


If you have entered values for a company location, employee count, industry, revenue, or other company search criteria and you wish to modify them or add more filters, read the article How to Build a Company List article in our Knowledge Base.

5 Search with Contact Info Use the Contact Info list to search for people according to the following criteria:


  • Select the Email option to search for executives with an email validation status of Valid Email and Valid Domain.
  • You can also select the Direct Phone or Corporate Phone to search executives with phone numbers.
  • Select the Direct Phone search filter to find contacts that have a direct phone number available in the Demandbase database.
6 Add other search criteria

Click the plus (+) button to open the Filters dialog and add the additional search criteria filters.


You can enter the following people search filters:


  • Job Function – Select the job function of an executive from the list. 
  • Job Level – Select the job level of an executive from the list. 
  • Social Network– Use this list to search only for those executives who are on one of the following social networking sites: Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.
8 Start search

Click Search.


9 View search  results

On the search results page, click on an executive's name to view a summary of their details.


10 Modify search criteria

Open the Filters dialog by clicking the plus (+) button in the left pane to modify your search criteria or add additional search criteria.


11 Sync with Marketo 

If you want to sync the People list with your Marketo application, click Export to Marketo. For more information, read the article Syncing a People List into Marketo Application in our Knowledge Base.

12 Export results

You can also export the search results to an Excel or CSV file, by clicking the Export button.


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