Using Demandbase Responsive View in Small Page Widths in Salesforce CRM

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Demandbase lets you view detailed information about companies and contacts that you wish to target for business conversations in small page widths. 

Follow the instructions in the sections below to use all features in Demandbase in a small page width (less or equal to 680 px) view:

Note: The Responsive View feature is supported only in Salesforce CRM's Lightning edition and Sugar CRM 8.0 version.

View Information About Prospect Companies 

Demandbase lets you know more about your prospect companies in small page view. Here's how you can view prospect company's information:

Step Description Details
 1 Search for a Company Log in to Salesforce CRM with your admin user credentials, complete the following steps:

In the Lightning App Builder, make sure you have configured to Demandbase in Small Page width as illustrated:

  • Label - Select the leave blank for default option.
  • Visual Page Name - Select the InsideView Account Connector option.
  • Height - Set it to 600.
  • Click Save.


In Salesforce CRM, go to the Accounts page and click the Account link that you wish to view. For example, select the InsideView, Inc company page.


In the Small Page view, click the Details tab and select the Company Info tab to view company's information.res_UX.png

You can perform the following actions in the Responsive View: 

  • sync-icon.png - Click the Sync icon to update the company and contact information in the CRM.
  • wrong_icon.png - Click the Wrong Info icon to report incorrect company and contact data.
  • download_icon.png - Click the Download icon to download the company and contact information in the PDF.
  • add_icon.png - Click the Add icon to add the company and contact to the CRM.

Note: In order to offer desktop-like experience, the responsive framework will show a scroll in the Demandbase Summary view less than 680 px of width in any supported CRMs. 

In the Company Info page, you will see the company's firmographic data and description when you scroll down. res_UX3.png

You can also click the People tab to connect with right contacts and click the Insights tab to view real-time news and social insights.

2 View the company information  Go to the Company Info screen by following the step 1.res_UX.png

In the Company Info tab/page, you will see the following information:

Scroll down to view the company's data.

  • Company Name
  • Company Type
  • Industry Type
  • Company's Annual Revenue and Employee Count
  • Address
  • Description
  • Distribution of Contacts
  • Connections
  • Latest Newsres_UX4.png
  • Industry Information and its profileres_UX5.png

    Note: You can click the View industry details or View more news links to view detailed industry information and more news articles about that company.

  • Family Tree and Competitor Informationres_UX6.png
  • Click the View More Acquisitions to view more family tree information. 

  • Click the +Follow link to add competitors in your watchlist. 

  • Click the competitor Company Name hyperlink to view the company information in Sales Intelligence. 

  • Click the View More Competitors link to view other competitor details.
3 Add Connections If there are no contacts and connections found for a particular company, click the Add a person working at this company or Locate possible connection link.res_UX8.png

Once you click the link, you will be redirected to the Connections page in Sales Intelligence where you can add your connections from Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn and your personal connections.iv_connections

For more information, read the article Setting Up Demandbase Connections in our Knowledge Base.

After you have added contacts, the following donut chart appears for contacts with their job function percentage:res_UX7.png


Engage with Contacts 

Demandbase lets you view contacts and engage with them to start your business conversations. Here's how you can view contacts working at your prospect company:

Step Description Details
 1 View Executive Information Go to the Company Detail page by following instructions in step1 of the previous section and click the People link as illustrated: 


In the Executive Detail screen, you will see the contact information which you can use to start your business conversations. Scroll down to find more details about an executive.


To find a particular contact, enter the name of that person. For example, when you enter Jason, you will see type ahead suggestion of contacts whose name starts with Jason. Select the contact and click on the name as illustrated below:res_UX10.png

In the People tab of any company, you can filter people list using the list type, sort by Job Level, Name or Relevance and Job Function by clicking the funnel_icon.png icon in the People tab.res_UX11.png

Click to select the Job Function and Job Level filter as illustrated below:


Click Apply to save changes.

To sync or update multiple contacts to your Salesforce CRM, click the Update CRM res_UX24.png icon.


In the Update CRM page, select that fields that you wish to update with Demandbase data and click Update Contact to update executive details.

2 View the contact information Go to the Executive Detail screen by following the step 1:res_UX14.png

In the Executive Detail screen, you can view the following contact information:

Scroll down to view the contact's data.

  • Executive Name
  • Job Title
  • Organization Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address - When you click the res_UX15.png Email icon, if the license is due for renewal the following upgrade message appears:res_UX16.png

    Click Upgrade to Pro to renew your license.

  • Executive's address
  • Age
  • LinkedIn Profile link
  • Google Search link
  • Previous Employments
  • Educationres_UX17.png

     Note: To flag wrong executive information, click the flag_icon.png icon.

  • News about contactres_UX19.png
  • Social insights about contactres_UX18.png
  • View Connections link
  • Not the right social profile link

Note: If your Facebook and Twitter accounts are not configured, you will see options to sign-in to Facebook or Twitter to see contact's social insights.

3 View Connections  In the Executive Details screen, click the View Connections link.res_UX20.png

Note: Once you have added your connections, it will be visible in the Executive Details screen. In this screen, you can see how you are connected to a contact at your prospect company.

The following screen appears:res_UX21.png

Click the Ask for Referral link to send email to your connections requesting for referrals.

4 Report incorrect social profile If you think the executive's social details are incorrect, click the Not the right social profile? link to find the matches in the Demandbase database.

To select the correct match, click the Select link and click Done.res_UX23.png


View News and Social Insights

Demandbase lets you view news and social insights for contacts and companies from various sources of news and social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter. This information helps you to keep track of your prospects with their latest happenings. Here's how you can view news and social insights:

Step Description Details
 1 Go to the Insights tab  Go to the Company Detail page by following instructions in step1 of the previous section and click the Insights link as illustrated:


Click the View More link to view more news feed. To see news on specific business triggers, click the funnel_icon.png icon.res_UX27.png

Click to select the desired news agents and click Apply to save changes.res_UX28.png

Note: You can also add new agents or edit existing ones by clicking the Add/Edit Agents link.

2 View Company Insights In the Insights screen, you can view the following news and social media feeds:
  • News feed based on business trigger agents. For example, the New Offerings agent.res_UX26.png
  • Blogs from Company's web pageres_UX29.png
  • Tweets from company's Twitter handle res_UX30.png
  • Posts from company's Facebook page
3 Configure Twitter account If your company's Twitter account is not configured and when you click Connect to Twitter, the following screen appears:   


Click Authorize App to see tweets from the company's Twitter account.


 4 Configure Facebook account If your company's Facebook account is not configured, the following screen appears.res_UX32.png

When you click Connect to Facebook, the following screen appears:iv_mobile_FB_login_small.pngLog in user your Facebook user credentials and click Authorize App to see posts from the company's Facebook account.


Use Global Menu

Demandbase lets you use the Global Menu to edit profile, manage watchlists, connections, agents and account administration. Here's how you can manage profile details:

Step Description Details
 1 Go to the Profile screen  Go to the Company Detail page by following instructions in step1 of the previous section and click the Profile res_UX36.png icon to manage the profile information. 


In the User Profile screen, you can click following links and manage your profile in the web view:

  • Open Demandbase - Click to open Sales Intelligence. 
  • Build a List - Click to open the Build a List page in the Web view.
  • Manage Watchlists - Click to view and modify your company and contact watchlists.  For more information, read the article Manage Watchlists in our Knowledge Base.
  • Manage Connections - Click to view and add your connections. For more information, read the article Setting Up Demandbase Connections in our Knowledge Base.
  • Learning Center - Click to launch Demandbase's Training Hub portal.
  • Support - Click to open Demandbase's Knowledge Base portal.
  • Edit Profile - Click to edit your user profile information, localization preferences and subscription information. For more information, read the article Manage Profile Information in our Knowledge Base.
  • Manage Agents - Click to add or edit your news agents. For more information, read the article Managing Custom Agents in our Knowledge Base.
  • Account Admin - Click to manage your account. For more information, read the article Manage License Allocation in our Knowledge Base.  This option is available to administrators only.

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