Sync People List from Target to Salesforce

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In Target, you can only sync People to Salesforce. 

To sync People records, a Demandbase account administrator must first log in to Salesforce in the authentication window. See Setting Up Target for Salesforce CRM for more information.

Step Description Details
1 Launch Target Build a people list in Sales Intelligence. 
2 Authenticate Salesforce Login 

Click Export > Configure CRM to launch the Salesforce Authentication window.

Important: If using a Salesforce Sandbox environment, click Export to Salesforce Sandbox button to sync data to your Sandbox instance.

3 Map Fields

On the Settings page, click Salesforce and click the Field Mapping tab.

Important: If Company Name, Last Name, Email, and InsideviewId fields aren't mapped, you must first create these custom fields (string field type) in your Salesforce. 

4 Sync People list into Salesforce

Click Export > Export to Salesforce

Tip: You can export the same record multiple times within a one-year period without any reduction in credits.

Choose Direct Phone (if available), Direct Phone Only, or Corporate Phone Only. Click Sync

5 Receive an email notification Once the People list is exported to Salesforce, an email confirmation with the number of people synced is sent to the user.

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